Self-portrait: The Source

Jennifer Veilleux is an artist, geographer, and activist based in Ihanktonwan Territory, on the Yankton Sioux Reservation, South Dakota. Born in Danbury, Connecticut in 1977, Veilleux comes from a family of self-taught artists and musicians, and began drawing, painting, performing, and creating photographs at an early age. She pursued the sciences in university, works as a professional geographer, and continues to make art sometimes integrating this into her scientific work. She combines different mediums, such as photography and painting, to create new forms. With this she explores surreal ideas and abstract felt concepts using the art as a form of self-exploration and therapy. Her diverse body of work comes through her active imagination, but is shaped by aesthetic found in villages and cities in Ethiopia, Laos, Macedonia, Peru, Mexico, Albania, Egypt, Hungary, England, Thailand, Australia among other places where for the last 20 years she has traveled to and lived in while researching river systems. When making art in any form, Veilleux feels most authentically human; ceasing to be an individual and melting into all that is. The work she creates is just a final product of the process of art - the action of bringing something through to share.

Veilleux's photography and paintings have appeared in galleries in New York, Florida, and South Dakota, as well as in magazines, academic journals, and newspaper articles. Her work is held in private collections in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Tanzania, the Virgin Islands, Sweden, and Puerto Rico.

Self Portrait: The Temptation

Mixed Media, © 2010 Jennifer Veilleux